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Are you ready to...

   * Increase Your Independence?

   * Improve Your Function and Mobility?

   * Reduce Your Dependence on Pain Medications?


If you're like most people who have suffered with chronic pain in your knees, lower back, neck, or shoulders, or if you have experienced a sport-related injury, you may have been tempted to leave it and hope it’ll simply “go away on it’s own” with time and rest… but that’s usually not the case, and often the pain ends up worse than it was when it first started.

You've probably tried over-the-counter or expensive prescription pain medications - but these only mask the pain temporarily, and are not good for your health long-term.

You may have even reached the point where you're confused, frustrated, and skeptical because you've already seen other healthcare specialists or another Physical Therapist, and nothing they said or did helped you.

     Or worse - you've been told that "Everyone gets aches and pains as they get older - it's all part of life and 

you have to accept it."  ...BUT YOU DON'T!

I want to help You...

Stay Active - So you can keep up with your children or grandchildren, take your bike out for a ride, play a round of golf, and get the errand done without complications.

Stay Free of Pain Medications - They only mask your pain and they are bad for your long-term health.

Avoid Dangerous Surgery - They body was not made to be cut on; we're an amazing self-healing machine when we have the right tools.

Find Out What's Wrong & Get to the Cause - With tailored exercises and hands-on therapy to help speed your recovery, you'll have peace of mind that your problem is corrected and healed properly.

  Get Back to Enjoying Life Again!

Sincerely Dedicated to Recharging Your Performance 

M3 Physical Therapy Recharged Performance Golf 

Garland Location

3930 Naaman School Rd, Ste. D

Garland, TX  75040

M3PT Recharged Performance Golf - Lovejoy

Lovejoy ISD Location

By appointment only - Allen, TX  75002

At These Locations:

M3 Physical Therapy Recharged Performance 

is owned by the lead Physical Therapist herself - not a corporate entity in another state or local hospital that charges high co-pays.  I strive to do what is in the best interest of my patients, and I will work one-on-one with you to help you meet your goals sooner than expected. 

I believe the foundation of success begins with

"Getting to the Cause of the Cause,"

exceeding your expectations,

and arming you with the education and tools

to not only return to your active life,

but also prevent re-injury.

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